Jessica Whitty 

After sharing the stories that mattered to the Wagga community, I have travelled further south to the NSW and Victorian border to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. 

I started my career in print and online media in 2018 and became a voice for the community. I shared issues the region was facing and broke original news before other media outlets; which made it to national news. 

Building strong contacts is vital and one of my strongest skills. 

I'm a dedicated news reporter with a strong reputation for effective preparation and delivery of stories ranging in importance and complexity.

I consider myself personable with leadership skills and a background in delivering in-depth and informative news pieces.

I want to strive to maintain the values and integrity of quality journalism throughout my career.

Another great story! Thanks for covering Jess.


Hi Jess, clearly people saw the news last night. Had three emails overnight from people in similar situations. This was in an email from one of the: "I am so grateful to have been watching the news last night and admire you putting yourself out for people in need, such as myself."


Thank you for the great section on me and my business tonight Jess! It looked great and I really appreciate all the work you put into it. 


Loved, loved, loved the piece Jess! Thanks so much for coming and supporting the event. 


Hey Jessica, just thought I'd let you know we are wrapped with how the Inflatable Funhouse story came up. Great job by you and everyone involved, thank you very much. 


Thanks Jess, my family said it was magnificent. 


Hi Jess .. I wanted to send you a message to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your report today. You did a truly fabulous job and I am so so so grateful for how you portrayed myself and my business... so much gratitude. 


Thanks Jess, appreciate the support. 


Thanks for putting such a great package together Jess. Already had lots of positive feedback from parents and looking forward to sharing via Facebook tomorrow. So please you could tell our story. 


Good report Jess... well done. 


Hi Jess, story was great. Thanks for doing a great job xx


I wanted to send you a message to thank you for the opportunity to be part of your report today. You did a truly fabulous job & I am so so so grateful for how you portrayed myself & my business .. even sending a crew to video the front of my office .. i wasn't expecting that .. so much gratitude .. thank you! 


Thanks Jess, appreciate the support!


Your story got heaps of good feedback and everyone in the local scene is appreciative that there has been a story put out like this, putting a spotlight on it all. Well done and all the best. 


Thank you Jess for coming and allowing me to share some of what is happening, but also ensuring that the public knew that there is good out there. 


Thanks Jess for a great story! Lovely to meet you. 


One of the best things to come out of The Daily Advertiser was getting to know you. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a desk buddy, who was always willing to help out as deadline was looming. You are a driven, intelligent and ethical journalist. I can't wait to see where your career takes you. 


Hi Jess! Just a MASSIVE thank you for your efforts with helping to advocate the kids schooling this past year!

Rory made school captain and he and Georgia received many amazing awards and are excelling once again thanks to you!

I hope you know how special you are and what a difference you made for this little family!



A huge thank you to Jess Whitty for the story she wrote about my family. It was such a pleasure dealing with you Jess. You're a credit to The Daily Advertiser.


I heard you are off to Albury! That is so exciting for you. I wanted to say thanks so much for working with me and the Christian College over the last couple of years. It was always great to see you. All the best for your new adventures. 


Great journalism, Jess. Thorough and balanced. Congratulations on a mammoth effort. 


Had a wonderful time working with you, Jess. One of the most hardworking.

Toby, colleague

Thanks for doing the export story Jess. It looks great. 


You nailed it Jess. Well done. 


Great to have worked with you young lass. Always a joy to go out on a job with. All the best with what will be an amazing future.

Les, photographer